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num[-num2] will list players within the specified level range.

If I can't take over the project I'll release a version with corrections as my addon can and always had piggy backed off there channel when our channel is too lowly populated. I have deleted the multiple comments complaining about the addon not working or about enabling/disabling features they don't like.It seems the Goldshire Inn - which is in the starting area for the game's race of humans - on the North American role-playing server Moon Guard has become a notorious hot-spot for lewd, in-character behaviour.The topic was raised recently on the forums by a concerned father who had cancelled his son's account after reading the obscene public chat in the inn (via Wo Blizzard rep responded that the game operator did actively police offensive behaviour in public chat channels and via unsolicited in-game messages - although it leaves consensual private messages and party chat alone.The rep pointed out that its efforts weren't always visible, though, since it sought to deal with such issues privately, and reminded players that "with millions of players in hundreds of servers and thousands of channels, it is impossible to manually monitor everywhere".

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This version should work but don't expect cross realm trade to work but it may sometimes.

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