What is your worst dating experience

It’s ok to sit down and decide you’re ready to marry, but at least make the proposal itself exciting, romantic, and surprising (unless you’re dating Mr. Nobody wants to hear that marrying them is a chore, or a simple duty to be performed.

They want the marriage to be born out of an intense love and commitment!

The worst marriage proposals usually start off with the best of intentions.

I say usually because there are a few idiots out there that just don’t care.

On a side note, you should also not ask for her father’s permission to marry her when drunk. It’s awful to play with anyone in this way, especially for such an important moment as this. In an Elaborate Puzzle No one wants to see their ring locked away behind one of those infuriating puzzles.

This is something my husband seemed to overlook ;) He made up for it by NOT using one of the worst marriage proposals listed here to pop the question (see our proposal on this page) The Fakeout Yes, your girl may have a good sense of humor about the fact that she thought you were going to propose but just wound up tying your shoe, or that inside that fancy ring box is actually a pair of earrings. If you’re going to use this, make it simple and easy so they can finish it quickly, or keep giving them hints to move the puzzle along.

But these are all ideas that, in usual scenarios, have a pretty big chance of going horribly wrong!

No Ring Sure, this can be romantic (and it might even belong in the “best” category if done right).

However, sometimes people say things in “the heat of the moment” they wouldn’t otherwise mean to say. You want to go on bended knee because you love her, not because you’re having trouble keeping your balance, and you want to be able to remember that very special night!

Over the Phone Nothing says “I love you” like being proposed at over a tinny cell phone speaker (Hint: I’m kidding).

This is really one of those moments that you want to be there for- you both want to see and feel each other in the moment, not hear each other from far away (and don’t even think about a voicemail! Via Text One of the worst marriage proposals in the world could only be via text.

You want to do this face-to-face, and she won’t be too happy if she finds out you proposed via news feed!

Via Snail Mail A variation on the phone bit, but this one also deserves to be said.

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