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Resolution: To prevent such problems, you must fully enable MS DTC services on the servers where SQL Server is installed and MS DTC is configured.To fully enable MS DTC, use the following steps: When you use extended stored procedures with a failover clustering configuration, all extended stored procedures must be installed on a SQL Server-dependent cluster disk.Doing so ensures that when a node fails over, the extended stored procedures can still be used.If the extended stored procedures use COM components, the administrator must register the COM components on each node of the cluster.Resolution 2: Change the SQL Server service account passwords using SQL Server Configuration Manager.If you do not, and you change the SQL Server service account passwords on one node, you must also change the passwords on all other nodes.Failover Clustering comes with a built-in safeguard to prevent accidental downtime when running the storage tests during validation.

Resolution: Re-create a single partition on the shared disk using the following steps: Issue: Because the Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MS DTC) is not completely configured in Windows, applications may fail to enlist SQL Server resources in a distributed transaction.Issue 1: SQL Server service accounts are unable to contact a domain controller.Resolution 1: Check your event logs for signs of networking issues such as adapter failures or DNS problems. Issue 2: SQL Server service account passwords are not identical on all cluster nodes, or the node does not restart a SQL Server service that has migrated from a failed node.Resolution 1: Verify that all nodes are using correct firmware versions and same driver versions.Issue 2: A node cannot recover cluster disks that have migrated from a failed node on a shared cluster disk with a different drive letter.

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This problem can affect linked servers, distributed queries, and remote stored procedures that use distributed transactions.

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