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From a size standpoint, the unit is actually pretty similar to others on the market in this class as far as overall footprint on your wrist goes.

You can see from left to right that they’re roughly all in the same ballpark.(Left to right: Timex Run Trainer 2.0, Garmin FR10, Tom Tom unit, Garmin FR110/210, Polar RC3)Where you see a bit of difference though is in the thickness.

Though, repeated in 28 languages (ok, slightly less languages). First is the strap, and second is the watch module.

Tom Tom makes a few different straps as well: Note that even though the strap sizes are different, the watch module sizes remain the same.

Using Global Positioning Satellites (GPS), sat nav devices can warn you of upcoming toll roads, hazards and speed cameras, and can offer lane guidance to help you stay in the right lane at junctions.

The watch module will detach from the strap and land in the charger for charging: Next we have the shortest manual known to mankind. Here’s a look at the back of the watch, which shows the waterproof rating of 5ATM (roughly 50m deep). As you probably noticed that there’s actually two parts here.

There are two different units available from Tom Tom: The Runner and the Multisport. Whereas the Multisport is aimed at those who swim/bike/run.

While I’ll be reviewing both in this review, I only have the full unboxing experience for the Runner, as the Multisport final box isn’t quite yet complete (though the watch hardware I have is complete).

This means everything can be swapped between different straps as you see fit.

For example, The Girl could wear the pink strap (smaller), and I could wear the larger strap, and then share the watch pod.

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