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If, on the other hand, you want to follow the easy method (which for now I recommend), please keep reading.Installing Pro CFW on your PSP1000 is simple, free, and is not much risky than installing a Firmware update on your device.That being said, since you’re running on a PSP 1000, you have a possibility to install the CFW permanently.This is done by running the tool from the Pro CFW (included in the archive).after obtaining some mobile device funding and reading that psp owners were able to run emulators from various consoles and handhelds, surf the internet via wipeout pure, and watch movies off the memory stick, i went to and picked one up from a local seller at a good price.one specific detail that i had the seller check first was the firmware version on the device.

Developer Rudi Rastelli has updated his PS3 Game Updater and PS3P PKG Ripper app.

and fairly recently some people figured out how to run full games off of the memory stick without a umd even loaded in the psp.

i got the wipeout pure iso via a bittorrent download to test this method out, and found it actually runs faster off the memory stick and requires less power.

this was important because hackers figured out how to get homebrew applications (emulators, games, etc.) running on devices with firmware 1.5. psps, and this took away the ability to run the homebrew stuff as sony worked quickly to patch holes that were cracked.

since there were never any new features or real reason to perform this update i skipped it and kept my device at 1.5.

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