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You can compare the two files by running the following command: .

I would encourage you not to change the PHP INI file directly.

The problem isn't limited to Safari or Google Chrome; Other applications also have trouble with SSL: Gilgamesh and Safari.

Any program that uses Web Kit (Google Chrome, Safari) or a Cocoa library (Gilgamesh) to access the Internet has trouble loading secure sites.

I would also suggest installing python_select via Mac Ports and using that to select which python you want "active" (it will change the symlinks to point to the version you want).

This will prevent Mac OS X upgrades from overwriting your PHP configuration in the future.Mac Ports puts everything into a separate direction (under /opt I believe), so it doesn't override or directly interfere with the regular system.It has all the usually features of any package management utilities if you are familiar with Linux distros.First, create a backup and compare the two configuration files for differences. If you added any extensions to PHP you will need to recompile them.Mac OS X El Capitan came with PHP version 5.5 pre-installed. Also, if you changed the core PHP INI file it will have been overwritten when upgrading to Mac OS X Sierra.

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