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The one shortcoming, however, is that it doesn’t support browser plug-ins (its developers say Firefox extensions should work OK, though). Most standard, HTML-driven sites are usable, though, including the Word Press blogging system that Macgasm uses.

Ultimately, I didn’t have occasion to download and install a lot of software on this machine (did I mention that this thing has a tiny storage capacity?

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you have some sort of old old Mac sitting around the house gathering dust.

There’s also a good chance, though, that you can still use that old Mac for something productive (or fun)—be it to run old games, check email, or give the kids something to use to write papers.

but you’re not completely stranded with an outdated browser. It’s a fork of Firefox that’s been back-ported to Power PC G3-, G4-, and G5-based Macs, and it supports all the modern Web standards. Unfortunately, You Tube’s HTML5 video player requires more computing power than a 1.2GHz G4 processor can provide, so videos don’t run very smoothly.You can’t access the App Store, either, since it requires 10.6 Snow Leopard and an Intel-based machine. Dropbox still supports Power PC Macs, for example, and the makers of Flux (which adjusts your screen’s white point to make it less glaring at night) still have an older version available for download.And Ten Four Fox will cover your web browsing needs.But when I visited You Tube.com, I was presented with a message telling me that my browser is old and terrible (i paraphrase) and that I should upgrade to the latest version of Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.I would’vd done just that, You Tube, if any of the latest versions actually ran on my computer.

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This i Book G4 shipped with 256MB of memory—a bit tight, even in 2004—but I eventually maxed it out to a more spacious 1.25GB.

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