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you know where she works (bad) Yes, ask for her number (good) The graphics here are amazing, especially the movement during the action scenes. I really enjoyed the game, it`s about the third time I`ve played it (first in this site, though). Not very much the moaning, but the music and dialogues... The original version of the long-running game show, hosted by veteran host Bob Eubanks.Newlywed husbands and wives would take turns answering (often risque) questions while their spouses ...See full summary » This is The 1st Edition of the program. Find "Grab his phone" at the right of the guy in black. If oral sex scene with Ryan: (handle the oral sex scene like the previous one) "Warm welcome, gentle penetration, Passionate ride, Deep Penetration" Click on her buttock, then on her asshole to fill up the gauge.

To get Ending #3, go to Blue`s apartement and Blue`s room. "Warm welcome, gentle penetration, Passionate ride, Deep Penetration" -- Not to shabby. I played the whole game without a single error and got the second best rank, wonder what it takes to get Ultimate date? great game the music like in all of the games ive played on this site could be a bit quieter but the animation is great and over all is good and although its partially annoying that it kicks you back to the menu Ultimate date Walkthrough: *Click* *Click* Kiss her hand *Click* Tell her she looks ravishing today Offer her wine Offer her cherry Clean juice from her lips (move pointer over mouth area) Ask her to show you that she is without panties Touch her pussy Ask her to put a vibrating egg inside her pussy (pointer is over pussy) Turn the vibrating egg on (pointer is over pussy) Ask her to swallow ecstasy pill (loose points, but is necessary for Ultimate date) Ask her to strip *Click* Touch her knee Expose her boob Lick her boob Spread her legs Massage her thighs Remove her dress *Click* Ask her to put black collar Ask her to dress slutty leather shoes Ask her for a makeup *Click* Put the vibrating egg into higher power (pointer is over pussy) [can be used at anytime before ask her to ride your dick] Punish her Ask her to lick her juices Use anal gel on her ass Ask her to put a cherry inside her pussy Eat the cherry from her pussy (pointer is over pussy) Ask her to ride your dick *Click* Take her from behind *Click* Ask her to spread her ass for you Cover your fingers in an anal gel and test her (pointer is over asshole) *Click* *Click* Cum inside her ass *Click* Let her relax a little *Click* Masturbate over her sleeping *Click* The graphics are excellent, I like all the different choices there are.Shoot your load on her tits-- you continue to fuck her In this order, until it fills the gauge: "Warm welcome, gentle penetration, Passionate ride, Deep Penetration) end of the sex scene. Blue`s apartement (click on the glove under the bed) (click on the mud traces on the carpet) (click on the blood stains on the wall) (finish the inspection) Talk with the gardener (you can ask him what you want but it`s not really needed) - To get ending #1: Go to Blue`s room. The same Eleanor the site has and can`t play, only one advertising. I loved the the blonde that you can bring back to your office she should have her on thing just as long as they don`t turn her into a escort, whore or something. and that would lead you to be reunited with your ex. Also, I`d like to point out that some of the scenes (such as the beach scene and city map), have lagging."Confirm Mario`s guilt and call the cops right away" -- ending #1 - (To continue:) "City map". Ryan is damn lucky having Blue, Sidney and Jasmine. Good game, nice animation, user controls are very workable. Maybe I just haven`t gotten to all the endings yet but I wonder about an ending with the blonde.

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Select the other dialog options that you want and finally...: "Okay, I believe that I have all the information that I need right now. Boardwalk Talk with the "sad looking girl" City map. Talk with Joe "Could you help me fix a broken car key? While the game was entertaining, it wasn`t riveting. Really felt like a detective and pimp at the same time.

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