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They had a talent producer who was really significant in instigating it – she was the one who told the story people about the whole boogers and heathers thing.

That was something the girls came up with hanging out in the hotel, and the talent producer relayed it, and the girls were like, “You want us to talk about that on set?

The five-page Schwarzenegger interview was conducted by author Peter Manso and flagged on the magazine's cover with the headline, "Arnold Schwarzenegger on the Sex Secrets of Bodybuilders." At the time of the Oui story, Schwarzenegger, then 29, was appearing in "Pumping Iron," a documentary on the bodybuilding circuit.

” And looking back at pictures, they were fucking chola down! I like to think a little mistressy, like I always look like someone’s side piece, but I also think I have a little bit of an edgy element. So I just kept doing it and I happened to be good at it.

D: ASIDE FROM VICKI VALE, WHO WERE SOME OF YOUR OTHER DRAG INSPIRATIONS? But no, she didn’t influence my drag at all, although we did wear the same shoe size for a while, so that helped. W: On the show, Ru referred to my look as sort of a slutty celebutante. But I never wanted to learn monologues that I never was going to perform, you know? My thing was, I always wanted to be famous, but I never really knew how, and acting was just the easiest way, because it got me on TV.

" Schwarzenegger replied, "Well, that depends on what you mean by disproportionate.

The cock isn't a muscle, so it doesn't grow in relation to the shoulders, say, or the pectorals.

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It gives you relief, and then afterward you go back to the serious stuff." I read this interview in the magazine years ago.

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  1. I knew better, but she was way too hot to bother correcting her assumption... This was going to be my first time foraging in the ass forest, and I wanted to have a reminder of my trip, a memento I could carry with me the rest of my life…so I decided to film us... I never heard from her again, and the mutual friend who introduced us called her but didn’t get her calls returned.