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Union Gospel Mission was founded in 1927, when 40 area churches came together seeking to minister to the homeless on the streets of Portland.Union Gospel Mission is dedicated to “Feeding the hungry, restoring the addict, and loving our neighbor.” 101.9 KINK Program Director, Chris Mays commented on the event, “It’s such a privilege to work at a radio station with such passionate and caring listeners.You either say nothing (it may well be a bulk message anyway), or say nothing because you’re No Contact, or say ‘Thanks and same to you’ or respond with “Happy Christmas/Holidays/New Years”. It’s not that text messages aren’t useful (I reminded the boyf to pick up milk earlier) and that in context of a relationship where there’s healthy human contact, calls, and a consistent, progressing, balanced, committed, intimate relationship with shared values and love, care, trust, and respect, you don’t need to be concerned about the use of them, but some of you are making a very large deal out of what can only be called rat dropping communication.You only have to make a big deal out of text messages when you haven’t got much else to go on…We are honored to be a part of bringing hope to thousands of people in the Portland community this holiday season by providing meals for the hungry.” KINK is owned and operated by Alpha Broadcasting, along with 98.7 The Bull, 750 The Game, Live 95.5, FM NEWS 101 KXL and Freedom 970.Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Alpha Broadcasting is the only locally owned radio group in the Portland metro area, reaching more than one million listeners a week with six stations covering rock, country, pop, news, talk and sports.If you had to say it to their face or pick up the phone and follow up with action, would you still say the same thing? You end up imagining how they may be saying things based on how you’re saying things and there’s tumbleweeds where there should be tone – I know I read text messages in how I’d like to imagine they sound, which can be wide of the mark if you allow your ego, libido, or your imagination to get in the way.At least on the phone you can hear hesitation, change in tone, and face to face you can pick up on body language.

“So it’s been a long journey for him to find his way in the world.” That’s why Grousbeck got behind building the 17,000 square-foot center, which houses a music recording studio, assistive technology training rooms, a student-run café and the radio station.

Alpha Broadcasting announced today, 101.9 KINK raised enough money to feed and care for over 37,000 people this holiday season.

The funds were raised for the Union Gospel Mission yesterday, Thursday November 21, 2013 during an all day on-air Radio-A-Thon that was broadcast live from The Bing Lounge. The final number of company matches has yet to be included in the total.

You might even think that texts you send are representative of a great effort – they’re just texts.

If your idea of breaking contact and reaching out and saying something meaningful is to send a text, you’re engaging in low level (low risk and low effort) contact but trying to pass it off as high effort. High effort, is picking up the phone and arranging to meet, turning up, jumping on a plane etc.

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