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Meanwhile, Reba also suffers health problems, in one episode she gets laser eye surgery because of her poor vision, and she collapses at Van and Cheyenne's second wedding because of high blood pressure.In the sixth season, it is revealed that Reba is still jealous of Barbra Jean, especially after Barbra Jean successfully lost weight.She later quits this job to work for Brock's arch-rival, Eugene, and helps Van and Cheyenne with parenthood and college plans.

She also encourages Van to accept a job offer from a more prominent real estate agent, which he reluctantly accepts.She is overjoyed to learn from Van that Cheyenne is pregnant again and helps her with family planning-which unfortunately for Reba includes Van, Cheyenne, and Elizabeth moving into another house.When Reba covers for Brock (who had lied to Barbra Jean when he said he would be out of town), Brock and Barbra Jean decide to file for divorce.To make things easier for Barbra Jean, Reba finally urges Brock to make a decision between playing pro golf and his dental practice-he chooses the latter to spend more time with Barbra Jean and Henry.Reba, convinced that Brock is finally changing for the better, begins to become more cordial to him.

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She also drew up a will after a near-death experience.

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