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This is a short backtrack trail dedicated to the late, natural foods advocate Euell Gibbons, who was featured at early Nature Wonder (Wildfoods) Weekends held annually at the park.

The trail begins beside the pond and ends near the swimming pool parking lot.

As the park grew in popularity over the years, the lodge, campgrounds and recreational facilities were added to accommodate the growing number of visitors.

North Bend State Park’s Lodge sits atop a breezy ridge and overlooks the woodland river valley below.

It features moderate grades, smooth tread and changing sight lines.

Cabins must be rented for a minimum of one week during the summer season.

North Bend has two campground sites that will suit your every need.

It’s open from May 1 and closes for the season on October 31. West Virginia State Park campground reservations are available from Memorial Day through Labor Day each year.

Campgrounds are open on a first-come, first-serve basis through October 31.

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