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In about three years, I would get a step mother, who to my knowledge is still married to my Dad, Dr. Nelson, today He is 86 this year, if God has graced him with a long life.Although we have lost touch, I have tried to find him. Back then, I continued living with my grandparents, John and Marvel Nelson, of Hagerstown, Indiana, and Dr. Nelson, of wherever he happned to be doctoring at the time.Chrome, Foxfire and Safari seem to be three browsers for easy reading.Here is hoping something in the magazine benefits you and yours.The best way to reach us is to call: 870-353-8201 and leave a voice mail.Heads up to scrap bookers and those with co-op advertising.It is no wonder I later became a person who loves to travel. A car, on Christmas Eve night, on Southern Avenue just across from Memphis State Campus, hit a tree with about a 6-inch circumference. If not for God putting that there, my grandparents, my Dad and me would have been toast right then and there.Indeed, in the final analysis, the apple does not fall far from the tree. I never forgot that God, at least in my life, has been a God of mercy. And of course, being God, it is highly unlikely He ever will.

I will be 55 in two days so this memory is many moons back. I played in the hall with Cathy and her older sister until nearly time to go get some supper. I don’t recall what was so important for us to talk about, but if my grandfather had not called me into supper I might still be out there in the snow. When the weather gets a certain type of cold and wet, my left ankle nearly buckles in pain to this day. Still, before I leave my West Virginia days, I do have one more strong memory.2013 was the first year it has been published weekly and all on a web site.Overall, the change has proven valuable as readership is much easier to prove and increase in the digital world of Facebook widget site hits.I carelessly laid my hand across the door frame and got to talking to another kid. I remember her running in front of me, in her pajamas. He X-rayed my fingers and found out they were just badly bruised, but not broken. But the biggest small child memory I have of Memphis was when a car nearly came though our apartment picture window.But my smiles from our play disappeared quite promptly when that door closed. That is fortunate, as I would need those fingers to type many stories for years to come. I was about six months away from entering kindergarten and it was Christmas time.

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