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Each shard processes its own microblock in parallel with other shards, and resulting micro-blocks are merged into a final one.Aeternity is a scalable blockchain platform that enables high bandwidth transacting, purely-functional smart contracts, and decentralized oracles.All system fees get paid with AE, all smart contracts settle in AE.

Owning OMG tokens buys the right to validate this blockchain, within its consensus rules. ICON can connect independent blockchains with different governance, so that they can transact with one another without intermediaries.

Various blockchains can communicate with each other through the ICON platform.

ICX is a loopchain-based smart contract digital protocol that facilitates, verifies, and enacts a negotiated agreement between consenting parties within ICON.

The Populous platform hosts the invoice marketplace where buyers will compete to fund an invoice seller.

Populous uses multiple global standards including Z Score formula, Smart Contracts, XBRL data, Stable pegged tokens and more to create a unique global trading environment for investors and sellers to trade invoices from all around the world.

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So, it is almost complete, but it might happen that some tokens may be missing.

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