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He was a renaissance man, capable of lecturing on literature, history, Western and Eastern philosophy, linguistics, anthropology, ecology, shamanism, chemistry, biology.

He had insight into our collective experience as technological creatures, and predicted a future world of virtual reality and simulation.

We were unable to find a corporate website or mention of a location for the Golds Gym headquarters on the official website outside of the fine print.

There does not appear to be a corporate website, but corporate information is available for patrons who wish to contact the executive team.

His ideas enlarge, add to, increase and create complexity. If you want more, I recommend reading one of his books or exploring the many hours of lectures online.

Without further ado, here is Mc Kenna, organized by topic, sourced mainly from his book, On Cannabis “Cannabis is anathema to the dominator culture because it deconditions or decouples users from accepted values.

TRT Holdings is owned and operated by Robert Rowling- the company’s co-founder.

TRT Holdings is also responsible for Omni Hotels, Tana Exploration and Waldo’s Dollar Mart.

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