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Robert, son of Louis VI King of France, was installed as Seigneur de Dreux in 1152 and his descendants in the male line ruled as Comtes de Dreux et de Braine from 1184 until [1355], the two counties being sold to the French crown in 1377 (see PARIS REGION - DREUX & MANTES).

The line of Dreux also provided dukes of Brittany from 1213 until 1514, when the duchy fell to the French crown (see BRITTANY DUKES).

Robert would presumably have fled Germany after opting to support Charles II le Chauve King of the West Franks in the latters fight against his brother Ludwig II "der Deutsche King of the East Franks.

This dispute is dated to 858/59: King Ludwig invaded in Aug 858, when King Charles was faced with widespread rebellion, and was defeated in Jan 859.

The timing of the supposed arrival of Robert from Franconia, assuming that the co-identity is correct, is not ideal either.

The Capetian kings first ruled France from 888 to 898 and from 922 to 923.

The dynasty established itself more permanently in 987, when Hugues "Capet" was elected king in succession to the last king of the Carolingian dynasty, Louis V.

A further indication is found in the charter dated 14 Sep 937, under which Robert "le Fort"s grandson "Hugues abb de Saint-Martin" donated "son alleu de Lachydans le comt de Meaux" to Tours Saint-Martin, specifying that he had inherited the property from "comte Aledramnus" who had been granted it by Charlemagne.

This "Roberto" can probably be identified as Robert Seigneur [comte] Sesseau en Berry, the supposed brother of the wife of Pepin I King of Aquitaine (this relationship is referred to by Settipani, but he neither quotes nor cites the corresponding sourcesuggested by Richer and by the Miracula Sancti Benedicti (see above).

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The possible identity of Roberts mother is suggested by the charter dated 20 Feb "anno XXVII regnante domino Carolorege" under which "Robertusbeati Martini abbaset comes" confirmed donations to Tour Saint-Martin made "olimab Odone quondam comite Aurelianensi avunculo nostro et Willelmo eius filio".

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