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With 900,000 active users a month, who get payouts of million in real-world money every year, and a virtual economy that has more than 0 million in GDP every year, Second Life is still a world of opportunity.Today, the rising tide of virtual reality — with companies like Facebook, HTC, and Sony betting big on immersive 3D technology — means that Second Life's time may have come around.The Second Life Aviation Wiki is a resource of everything related to aviation in the virtual world of Second Life®.Chronicling every virtual airport, aircraft, and airline, we are compiling information on the history of the Second Life aviation community.Specifically, Linden sees a huge opportunity in making it easier for people to build and share cool virtual reality experiences.

Second Life, the original virtual reality, may not be the media sensation it once was back in the heady days of 2003.

Back then, the world was ooh-ing and aah-ing at virtual real estate millionaires who were appearing on the cover of magazines like Businessweek, buying and selling land and goods in an ambitious effort to create a cohesive digital world.

But although you probably haven't heard much about it lately, Second Life hasn't gone anywhere.

Car companies are trying to compete with college kids who turn a virtual automotive showroom into a 24/7 hiphop dance party, and create lovingly designed muscle cars that fly, and auction off for 00 in real dollars at charity auctions. A thriving homegrown industry of avatar clothing design (free of production costs and overseas mass production) already exists, largely ruled by housewives with astounding talent and copious amounts of time, and since the designers are popular personalities in Second Life (whose avatars become their brand), they enjoy– and frankly deserve– the home team advantage.

Faced with such talented competition, smart marketers should concede defeat, and hire these college kids and housewives to create concept designs and prototypes that re-imagine their brands merged to existing SL-based brands which have already proved themselves in a world of infinite possibility.

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It’s been a long time in coming: a British branding agency established a forward operating base in SL back in early 2004 (and for their efforts, were greeted by throngs of sign-waving protesters threatening to boycott their island.) In succeeding years, a miniature dot com boom has attracted a slew of big name companies and established brands, from MTV and Coke, to Dell, American Apparel, Coldwell Banker, among many more.

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