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In some primitive part of the brain that men seem completely tied into, they are wired to believe that red on a female translates directly to an interest in having sex.If only that were a standard code everyone was aware of, it might make things easier for some poor guys trying to pick women up at bars. The study involved 25 male volunteers viewing a photo of a woman.A 2010 study found that it's not just men who find women in red attractive, but that the reverse is true as well.The research, also at the University of Rochester (that's sounding like a more fun school all the time), involved showing 25 men and 32 women black-and-white pictures of a man framed by either a white or red background.This hormonal reaction causes their faces to turn a lovely shade of crimson.

The participants were asked to rate the woman's level of interest in sex and romance on a scale of one to nine.

At any rate, it's interesting food for thought for members of both genders.

A man might want to pause before hitting on a woman wearing red to consider just what it is about her that he finds alluring and whether she truly is sending off signals of availability and interest.

The subjects ranked the attractiveness of the man on a scale of one to nine, and men on red backgrounds were rated more than one point higher on the attractiveness scale by women over men on a white background.

In a second experiment, a man was depicted in a color photo wearing a green or a red shirt.

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Women participants rated the man in red almost a full point higher on the scale than the man in green.

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