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In the clip for her debut single, “These Heaux,” released in August of last year, 15-year-old rapper Bhad Bhabie, more famously known as Danielle Bregoli of viral “cash me ousside” fame, arrives at an apartment complex, where a group called “Moms Opposed to Bhad Bhabie” protests her music.

While MOBB pickets at the street level, the camera pans to the innards of the complex, which is like a factory for the contemporary fame cycle: A black man with an automatic weapon flexes for a camera, and in another room, a white woman is injected with botox and butt implants.

” Bregoli was able to parlay that star turn into a rap career.But as these things go, she does not believe she’s doing anything wrong. There aren’t that many white women rappers in the history of American hip-hop music, or at least not many who've been able to break through to the mainstream. B., Lionezz or other contestants of Ego Trip's The (White) Rapper Show and Miss Rap Supreme, both tongue-in-cheek reality TV competitions on VH1 that aired in 20.In a December 2017 interview with the Fader, she lashed out against charges of cultural appropriation. The underground Detroit emcee Invincible never made it onto mainstream radio (and now identifies as gender nonconforming). These women broke through as much as you could on that platform, which is to say they didn’t really, and are now just footnotes in the reality TV canon.I understand why people criticize that because I have a voice in hip-hop. I don't want people to think it's not something I care about.I want to make music for girls in the gym.” When asked if she thinks her situation is unique, she said, “Yes, ’cause I'm the only one doing this.” That inability to contextualize her circumstances, her unblinking desire to separate “her arena” from the “complications of the world” is baffling, but not surprising.

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