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Divorced From Church: How Apostasy is Scattering the Sheep Are you concerned about the spiritual condition of your church?

Perhaps youve gone from church to church and wonder is there a body , a pastor, a church who is dedicated to follow Gods truth in your community?

In this inspirational message Eric Barger challenges listeners to be witnesses and also implores us to be defenders of the faith "which was once delivered unto the saints." Eric defines somewhat foreign words like "apologetics" and "polemics" and gives ideas on how we might best present the truth of the Gospel and also ascertain what is authentic, historical Christianity. " on either audio CD or DVD (complete with all of Eric's Power Point visuals) by clicking here.Mike then outlines the perils facing leaders in our churches today and discuss how a growing variety of soft shell, easy, partial gospels have replaced the authentic biblical version. Radio, Eric Barger focuses in on the general failure of some in Evangelical circles to recognize the doctrinal shortcomings of Mormonism.Both Barger and Le May are concerned about the plight and struggle that pastors face who are intent on presenting the Gospel message intact amongst a church culture conditioned to hear only "feel good" messages drenched in the half baked "love gospel." Also discussed, the demise of Christian education, the gay agenda and the root cause behind it all - a lack of reverence for the Word of God. Furthermore, Eric exposes the outright promotion of the LDS beliefs by some of our most vaunted Christian leaders.Radio, Eric Barger discusses the condition of American Christianity with author and talk show host, Mike Le May, from Q90 FM in Green Bay, Wisconsin.Also included is Eric's warning about bold and blatantly satanic heavy metal artists now extolling the Antichrist.

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