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Dating from before the time of Christ and remaining in use for several centuries after, the merchant ships of the Roman Empire represented an important stage in the evolution of the cargo ship.

Some of these vessels were very large, like the ones used for carrying grain from the fertile Nile valley to Rome. The balsa wood raft Kon-Tiki was built as a copy of a prehistoric South American vessel.

Over 600 years ago, Zheng He led a mighty armada on the first of seven voyages on a mission of diplomacy and trade.

The armada included treasure boats (or Bao-Chuan), which are the largest wooden ships ever built (30 times larger than the Santa Maria.) The Galilee boat dated to the general time of Jesus' ministry.

The ship has been restored and is now on view at the Khufu Ship Museum at Giza.

The oldest known vessel in existence is this royal barge of Egyptian king.

It was the type used by Jesus and the Twelve, and was large enough to hold 13 men.

It may have been in use at the same time He sailed the sea. Captain Cook’s artist made drawings of these boats and anthropologist quickly decided that this was the type of boat the Polynesians used to populate the Pacific Ocean. In Feb, 2012, Model Ship Master again was chosen by the film industry: "Hawaii-Five-0" (CBS Network) by EYE PRODUCTIONS.

Select Celestrians have taken up a vital duty: to act as guardians of the mortal realm.

By watching over humankind, granting their wishes and shielding them from harm, these guardians can collect "benevolessence" (Don't worry, this being , this isn't the only pun!

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