Push and pull strategy dating

So the first step and how to win her back means winning back your own “cool.” If you are reading this article “in time,” meaning that she just lately sent gave you the breakup, stop and pause for a minute before you respond. Now you might be thinking that these are the biggest a-hole responses ever.

You’re darn right, and that’s exactly what you’re going for.

As you are walking in the park, grab her around the shoulder like you would your basketball friend. Paul is our current reigning champion of push, just read the Hamptons posts.If you push too hard you get way more action if you didn’t but you’ll also blow it with any girl who has other accessible options.This is the “push.” Even if you weren’t able to catch yourself “in time,” you can use the same technique.Your first action in how to win her back must be a “push” to create some distance – more distance than she is ready to take on.

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