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Just like her first Pug book, I found this book to be adorable and amusing.If you know anyone who lives with Pugs, who wants to live with Pugs, who loves Pugs, who laughs at Pugs, you have to get Gemma's books for them.When I didn't receive it a couple days after the last estimated delivery date, I contacted the seller(s). I ordered this book & the book on Etiquette for my 49 year old daughter's birthday. The books really made her laugh, which I hoped they would.They were very helpful and immediately responded to my concern. I let my granddaughter & grandson who are 10 & 12 read them too, they have a pug also.This is a cute little book simply highlights some of the wacky things pugs do to make their owners love them so much. This book would be good for children or grown pug enthusiasts.

But my eyes have been opened in regards to their attitudes toward dating.

He just simply isn't interested in leaving the comfort of his stuffed toys at this time, despite our efforts.

Gemma Correll has done some very nice things regarding pugs.

For some reason we just couldn't get him to hold it properly, and turning pages was a nightmare.

Overall, it was probably not the best purchase we've made.

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