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She launched into a monologue on the popularity of boudoir photography and suggested I do a story on her and her husband’s studio.The couple left while the party was still in drinks and chatting mode, missing all of the action that came later on.The room was silent when she’d started dancing, and got louder and rowdier toward the end, culminating in her taking off her bustier and shaking her pasties in perfect circles.After that, people began socializing more and migrated into the bedrooms, lounging on the beds in hushed conversations.

That was, until they crowded us into the living room around a burlesque dancer seated in a chair, dressed in a bustier and fishnet tights.While a woman can attend most swingers’ parties on her own, men are often required to bring a woman or otherwise not show up at all.So the fact that these two studs were allowed in on their own made their purpose pretty obvious.I talked to a couple that was obviously not there for the sex.A few minutes into our conversation, the woman handed me a business card for her photo studio after I told them I was a journalist and producer.

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