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She listed her income as zero and her average monthly expenses as ,059.Washington wrote an apology note to Rasheeda begging for her were rooting for Kirk Frost not to be a low down, dirty, cheating husband to his long-suffering wife Rasheeda Frost.Many fans hoped the news of an outside baby was simply a fake storyline. Frost, who has a long history of cheating on Rasheeda, has apparently been involved in a longterm on-again, off-again relationship with a woman named Jasmine Washington.The expander would be enlarged with saline and the skin would stretch. linked with one Alicia Hessler closely match the circulating images of Jasmine Tridevil, and profile pictures on Hessler’s You Tube page strongly resemble the woman in the “third breast” photos. COM domain was registered by someone named Alisha Hessler, and Jasmine Tridevil herself bears a striking likeness to Tampa-area massage therapist Alisha Jasmine Hessler.(A web listing for “Alisha’s Golden Touch” massage web site now bears legends identifying her as “Provider of internet hoaxes since 2014” and “Specialist in massage for three breasted women.”) Video clips of Hessler taken in December 2013 display an appearance that does not suggest the procedure described by the surgeon above had yet been started.But Rasheeda, who obviously knows about the DNA test results, seems unbothered.It’s business as usual on her Instagram page, @rasheedadabosschick I got a chance to sit down with @footwearnews & chop it up with @sheissosheena about a lot of great things ….

And the Tampa television station (WTSP) that recently interviewed “Jasmine Tridevil” reported that earlier in the month Alisha Hessler had filed a stolen baggage complaint at Tampa International Airport that listed a If Hessler and Tridevil are one and the same, the “third breast” story is also not the Tampa woman’s first brush with viral fame: In December 2013 Hessler made headlines for an incident in which she claimed she was beaten while on the way home from a club, then offered her attacker the choice of standing on a street corner wearing a dunce cap and holding a sign that read “I beat women” rather than being reported to police and charged with a crime.

(Hessler also said “she wanted to have the man who beat her sign a waiver allowing her to beat him for According to local police, Hessler withdrew her complaint and “stopped returning [their] calls” after she was pressed for details of the alleged attack.

We have submitted a request for an interview with Jasmine to verify her claims and have not yet received a response.

This one time, I had a really beautiful skinny girl over for a massage, and I wanted to bang this hottie from the moment she entered the room.

If I want to fuck my client, I do a massage that always lifted my chance of getting some.

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In the initial frenzy of interest in Jasmine Tridevil and her purported third breast, lots of linking and of the same information and images occurred.

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