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The IPCC is still investigating and asked Bedfordshire Police to suspend six officers connected the incident, but it refused. The London Campaign against Police and State Violence is organising a “Black Lives Matter” protest outside the US embassy on Tuesday called “From Bedford to Baltimore”.

It said the “solidarity vigil” was being held “to stand with the family and friends of victims of police violence in Baltimore and also victims of police brutality in the UK”.

As officers attempted to restrain him and extract the lighter from his hand, he managed to use it and immolate himself and them.

Ethnicity of the complainant has been recorded in 443 cases.obtained the figures after sending Freedom of Information requests to all 45 UK police forces.Of the forces that responded at least 3,082 officers are being investigated. Police said the incident happened at a Mc Donald's restaurant when the suicidal man walked in, purchased a gas can, then went outside to fill it up.He returned inside, went to a bathroom, doused himself with the gasoline and then threatened to light it.'Employees heard screaming and smelled gas' after the man went into the bathroom, Waylon De Robaum, manager of the nearby Top Stop, told

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