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I was ecstatic that Liz asked me to be a contributor on her blog, but to be honest I was a bit hesitant because by no means do I believe I am a professional at this Etsy business owning stuff.But I want to share with you 8 of the things I wish I would have known before I started my Etsy shop.

A while back I asked her if she would be willing to share all of her tips & tricks about Etsy here on the blog & from that point on we have been brainstorming things she could share & today is finally the day where we start the series & I’m so excited for her to be able to share her insights with all of you who have ever thought about opening an Etsy shop or those of you who have an Etsy shop who are just wanting to learn more.

For example, I tend to use wooden backdrops inside of a light box and you will never catch me taking a photo without my tripod. Remember that when a customer is viewing your item, they will be relying solely on the item’s description and photographs to truly understand what they are purchasing. Include this information in your item titles, descriptions, as well as you 13 tags. Don’t list every single item at once, spread them out!

What keywords will they use to search for your products? I recommend when first posting items, list only a few things the first day. As much as you want to dive right in to your new creative business, keep in mind that it most likely wont take off immediately. Keep making improvements to your shop, this is the never ending task of a successful Etsy shop owner. Stay positive during slow times and work on creating more or bettering your shop image or listings!

I learned most of these tips and tricks by making mistakes, and a lot of them. So choose your name very carefully because it will stick with you forever. There is a plethora of designers on Etsy offering pre-made or even custom Etsy graphic kits.

But that’s how we can learn and grow our business right? When I first decided that I wanted to take the plunge into opening an Etsy shop, I was so incredibly excited that I started working at it right away. I’d recommend picking a name that goes with what you will be naming your shop. Be sure that your banner, avatar, custom listing photo, as well as you business cards all have the same look.

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Before she wrote her first blog post, and before I stamped my first piece of jewelry.

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