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Then, when the time is right, send a friend request to your person of interest. How to Avoid It The scariest part of online stalking is that you may never know if it is happening to you.There are ways, however, to secure your profile so that all of your personal information isn't available for the world to see.Update: Shawn Gold from SVP Marketing of My Space has left a comment on the thread and has assured us that My Space is working hard.He also points out that these are problems facing the social networks.

How to Do It There are some pretty sneaky ways to get the dirt on people — whether you are officially their "friend" or not. Facebook and My Space now list updates your friends have made on the main page.It's there for you to read, so why not check to see who has added scandalous photos, or how many girls have commented on your boyfriend's wall? Who is that girl writing on your ex-boyfriend's wall, and what is he saying back to her? If you don't know that suspicious girl or guy writing flirtatious words on your ex's wall, type her or his name into Google and get the dirt! If you happen to have the password of an ex, a crush, or a "frienemy," then why not log on to his or her account and scope out every aspect of his or her life? If someone has her or his Facebook set to block people who aren't in their regional network, just temporarily join -Create a fake profile.Just click "Wall-to-Wall" to get the lowdown on their entire Facebook conversation. It's the only way you will be able to read private messages! If you can't crack into someone's profile, just create a false identity for yourself.As of this past week, this is the unfortunate predicament that Rupert Murdoch’s My Space finds itself in.The recent press coverage (which was surprisingly massive) will, without doubt, be a much-discussed topic among brand managers as well as media planners & buyers all over corporate marketing departments and Madison Avenue.

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