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Actually, this approach can be nice, because both of you are growing and learning together, but again this is another place where Gringos have a big advantage. It attracts travelers from all around the world but North Americans, especially, can take easy advantage of its proximity.

For men from the United States and Canada attracted to Latin women Mexico is the logical destination based on distance alone.

Mostly wear makeup, heels, and colorful and trendy clothes.Those international dating hotspots attract playboys, players, and lonely men from all over the world. But Mexico is a huge country, the 14th largest in the world.There are so many of these guys that if you go to say the Philippines on business you still constantly have to explain that you did not go there to find a girlfriend. Yes, a few old gringos do wander across the Rio Grande looking for a beautiful senorita to grow old with and it is becoming a major retirement center, but it does not attract many international playboys. Why fly all the way to Eastern Europe or Asia when an American can easily drive to Mexico from Los Angeles, Phoenix, or San Antonio. There is a good network of modern national highways, but it is still a long drive from say Oklahoma City to Mexico City.From Boston to Mexico City is only about six hours which is about half of a flight to Ukraine and about a third of a flight to Bangkok.From California, Arizona, Texas, Georgia, or Florida the flight is going to be two to three hours.

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