Marriages that resulted from teenage dating

In spite of this decline in teenage pregnancy over the years, approximately 820,000 (34 percent) of teenage girls in the United States become pregnant each year.What’s more, some 85 percent of these pregnancies are unintended.Since the 1950s, teenage pregnancy has attracted a great deal of concern and attention from religious leaders, the general public, policymakers, and social scientists, particularly in the United States and other developed countries.The continuing apprehension about teenage pregnancy is based on the profound impact that teenage pregnancy can have on the lives of the girls and their children.When being inclusive of all girls who can become pregnant and give birth, the term used is adolescent pregnancy, which describes the emotional and biological developmental stage called adolescence.The concern over the age at which a young woman should give birth has existed throughout human history.

Teenage pregnancy is a natural human occurrence that is a poor fit with modern society.

These two divergent views of teen pregnancy are represented in the United States by groups such as Children’s Aid Society; Healthy Teen Network; Center for Population Options; Advocates for Youth; National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy; National Organization on Adolescent Pregnancy, Parenting, and Prevention; state-level adolescent pregnancy prevention organizations; and other organizations that include teen pregnancy within their scope of interest and services. 2011 delineates other important aspects of teenage pregnancy (race, poverty, and religious influences) that help explain why teenage pregnancy is considered a problem in some circles.

The association between teenage pregnancy and social disadvantage, however, is not just found in the United States. 2009 reports on the impact of poverty on teenage pregnancy rates in the United Kingdom.

Citations are grouped under related topics that explicate the complexity of critical forces affecting teenage pregnancy.

Topics that provide a global view of the variations in perception of and response to teenage pregnancy will also be covered in this article.

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In general, however, there are two divergent views used to explain teenage pregnancy.

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