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Merchant created and is starring in new HBO series “Hello Ladies,” which debuts on September 29th and keeps a little closer to the type of cringe comedy with which he and Gervais tend to be associated.

In the show, which draws on Merchant’s stand-up, he plays Stuart, an awkward British man who moves to Los Angeles in hopes of finding glamour and romance, but mainly ends up trying and failing to pick up women out of his league.

After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. Melrose, West Hollywood, Westwood, Los Feliz, Silverlake. Personally, if I were dating, I would want more musical choices though. I know so many people who use OKCupid, e Harmoney, etc... They all date a LOT, but most of them have yet to find "the one." My ex met his long-term girlfriend (7 years now!

*before anyone points out..yes, it's a broad question, but shouldn't require much detail to get a general overview.* sure how accurate that is, but 89K extra men seems like a lot, even for such a populated region. In general, there are more physically attractive women in the trendy areas like Studio City, Silver Lake, downtown, etc, and also in most of the coastal OC and LA cities.

Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, longtime collaborators and co-creators of the original “The Office,” each have individual TV projects coming out this year.

Pic, whose moniker and buzz drew crowds aplenty at Santa Barbara, would be a fine addition to the lineup of a specialized distributor looking to woo savvy arthouse crowds. Speaking to the camera from a beachfront cafe, Mitchell recalls his various misadventures, which are played out in flashbacks, some bracingly funny, others more prosaic.

Morgan delights in language—witticisms and pithy observations roll off the tongues of her endearing characters who, despite their seemingly perfectly curated lives, manage to complicate things in the most human of ways.

Be prepared to deal with all dating issues via text message or email where people can let you down easily without having to show their look of distaste or middle finger to you. Be prepared for the first date to end really well, because the other person doesn’t want to hurt your feelings, only to rely on the first point to tell you there’s really no interest. Be prepared for the other person to presume how you feel so that they have reason to not like you. Be prepared that when you try and explain yourself, they take offense and tell you how awful you are to press the issue. Be prepared…when you move slow they’ll think you don’t like them, when you move fast they’ll get scared and run away, when you do neither they’ll think you’re wishy-washy. Be prepared for the fact that if you sincerely like someone they’ll find a way to make you feel even worse about all of this so you will leave them alone. Be prepared for the fact that this will happen every time and you will start to lose your mind and wonder what’s wrong with you and lose all trust in your instinct in dealing with dates and appear crazy to them. Be prepared for the word friendship to lose all meaning. If you think this is about you, it’s probably not, as I’ve dealt with this over a six year time period. This entry was posted on September 30, 2008 at am and is filed under Life in Los Angeles.

And the population disparity...REALLY varies by neighborhood.

You'll never know what you're missing 'til you try. Of course this is ONLY if you are looking for a relationship, because I have yet to meet anyone who was not looking specifically for that.

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