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I saw first-hand how individuals with special needs could learn instrumental and musical concepts through properly planned instruction and specific program modifications to best suit their needs.

Some students even went on to perform at community performances or at local performing venues such as Maxwell’s Music House.

While many concepts of an adapted lesson are similar to a standard music lesson, the modifications allow for the client to learn at a pace and in a style that they are comfortable with.

How does an adapted music lesson differ from a music therapy session? I consider an adapted music lesson to be a specific approach to music therapy that can be selected from a list of other potential approaches such as song writing groups, 1:1 improvisation sessions, or movement and music groups.

Adapted music lessons are offered as part of the music therapy services available at Queen Street Music School, and we are looking to take on students for the summer and fall of 2016. For more information about music therapy in Ontario and Canada, you can check out the Music Therapy Association of Ontario (MTAO) and Canadian Association for Music Therapy (CAMT) websites, which are both posted below.

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There are countless approaches to music therapy, which are all based on different theories of psychology and musicality.

My training allows me to select an approach that is appropriate for each client or group I work with in order to best serve each client’s special need, and to utilize the unique skills and abilities each individual possesses.

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