Invalidating a nstimer

In the case of the Search Kit example, we would create a queue to serialize access to an instance of Such timers are not just useful when dealing with worker queues like in the Search Kit example. Let’s consider another example related to search, but that now affects the user interface.When a user types in a search field, we need to start a new search and display the results as they come in.I realized I could use this to make improve the data filtering in some Flex Grid 101 samples.

Here is a visual representation of that solution: It would be equally dangerous to wait until all the documents are indexed before flushing, as memory usage will increase, the final flush will take forever, and there is a risk we will lose all the data if for some reason, the flush is not done.There are many similarities between dispatch queues and run loops, and many situations where both options can be considered.In practice, dispatch queues are more compelling: they are easier to set up and maintain, while offering better performance.It’s timer behavior: behavior means that subsequent calls to a charged timer can only reduce the time until it fires.In other words, once the firing date is set, it cannot be delayed further (but it can be shortened).

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