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While I endorse the view that the history of Lagos is not formed without an account of the interface with the Bini, it is not correct to say that Lagos belongs to the Bini.The phrase ‘belongs to’ is antithetical to the actual relationship between the indigenous people of Lagos and the Bini warriors sometime in the 18th Century.Credence is given to the view that the Awori ‘own land’ in Lagos by the popular protests of the white-cap chiefs following the Treaty of Cession in 1861 under which Oba Dosunmu (the descendant of Ado through Erelu Kuti) purportedly ceded land in Lagos to the British Crown on the grounds that he, Dosunmu, could not have given away what did not belong to him or to the throne, which fact was endorsed by subsequent judicial interpretations of the effect of the Treaty of Cession.

Many of our sisters and aunties got married to non-indigenes without any cause for concern. The sense of belonging accorded the non-indigenes was unprecedented in the social history of Nigeria, and the differences between social groups, inconsequential.

There were informal adoptions of children of indigent non-indigenes by wealthy indigenes and legitimising certain acquired social status by prescription, consequently resulting in the social emancipation of palace aides and servants.

The fact that Lagos is owned by the Yoruba cannot be controverted and this is so, notwithstanding the Bini connections with Lagos.

Olofin had settled around the Iddo area around the 16th century as the first settler.

He was later joined there by one Ogunfunminire, a Yoruba prince from Ile-Ife, who had his base in Isheri about 20km from Iddo.

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