Gridview rowupdating textbox value

I've tried every method I can find to get the new value for a control, and it's continually coming back as the old method.

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I just need to know what gridview event can be used to read the edited value. This would eliminate the need to define a control using CType. brdrok, I removed the templates , added a command button named 'Adjust' , and used the grid Row Command event.

Found out that the rowcommand event is fired by the grid's edit link button whose command name is 'Edit' by default Select Case is used to ignore the 'Edit' commandname and process only the 'Adjust' button's 'Update Symbol' commandname No problems now. Row Command ' Perform actions based on the command buttons DIM Statements.... Command Name Case "Edit" 'Do Nothing Case "Update Symbol" int Market ID = Convert.

Click Update and you'll see the changes reflected in the list.

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