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It can be a signature and can be worn daytime if someone has the spirit for it, it's different, outstanding but if used with a light hand it's not necesserily overpowering, because it stays relatively close to the skin.

But initially, this is a dark perfume that is perfect for night.

The extremely bitter asafoetida note amplifies on my skin, absolutely refusing to fade away or blend with other ingredients.

Thanks for the advice to layer Mitsouko over Cabochard Emma0714!

A couple of months after it was created the production of Chouda was suspended.

The delivered 5 liters of the perfume was most probably worn by Madame Gres herself.

I normally never layer perfumes (I like to keep things pure XD ) but this combination intrigued me and I'm glad I tried it!

The Cabochard gives Mitsouko a mysterious, almost gritty base-yness. I had a tiny bottle of this perfume back in the 80ies, and the smell of it brings back many good memories.

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I get on well with Opium, Youth Dew, Obsession, Diva, Cinnabar...not this.

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