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It's often the male entrepreneurs that people remember in history, but Joy proves that women can be just as powerful as she rises to become president of her own company, Ingenious Designs, and invents the cutting edge cleaning system, 'Miracle Mop'; all while taking care of a family on her own and running into some difficult circumstances along the way.Betrayed, occasionally on the wrong side of the law and suffering from many losses, Joy is the living embodiment of what doesn't kill you makes you stronger - and with millions of dollars in sales, she's certainly stronger.He was born as the son of mother Virginia Admiral and father Robert De Niro Sr.His mother was a painter and poet and his father was an abstract expressionist painter and sculptor.He was accepted into the High School of Music and Art for the ninth grade.De Niro joined the high school at the private Mc Burney School; he also joined the private Rhodes Preparatory School.

click on the title of any post, it is a link to a separate page that shows all the comments.Continue reading: Showtime Review The operative word in the phrase "based on a true story" is usually the first one.Real lives are always souped up for cinematic consumption, often to a astonishing degree, like the way former Long Beach, New York, cop Vincent La Marca's has been for the film "City By the Sea."La Marca's true story is that his father was executed for the kidnapping, ransom and murder of a baby in the 1950s, yet he grew up to join the police force under the wing of one of his father's arresting officers.So she recruits him a wisecracking, showboating, fame-seeking partner (Eddie Murphy) from the dregs of the patrol ranks. Hooker" star William Shatner (in a funnier than usual send-up of himself) to coach her reluctant star on the finer points of eyebrow arching and moving car hood-jumping.She redecorates police headquarters and his dumpy apartment, IKEA-style. But after spending Act One on all this establishing, director Tom Dey ("Shanghai Noon") utterly abandons the picture's fertile, sarcastic, "real cop" concept and allows "Showtime" to become a high-concept hack job of undiluted Hollywood hypocrisy.

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