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My love tool is rather modest but I am very durable and inventive, that is why I always do my best to bring my wife the ultimate satisfaction she deserves.I have always been sure that no other man stretched that sweet wet pussy since the time we got married, and life circumstances proved my suggestion right.I started to read a bit into it and ended up finding a story someone had written, it went into great detail about a young girls first time with a dog, by the end of the story I finally realised how wet I was and thought “how could I be so turned on about a dog?! Pam met a lot of interesting people on her trip but the most interesting was Monica.Monica is the sexiest Czech I have ever seen (Pam took lots of photos), she is 20 years old, has the smoothest-most perfect skin I have ever seen, long blond hair, dark green eyes, C-cup breasts and a gorgeous body.At nineteen I was considered beautiful with a good body, firm thirty four in tits, taut ass and good legs.I first learnt about bestiality when I saw photos on the internet of women having sex with dogs on site ANIMAL SEX FUN, at first I was disgusted but then straight away I was intrigued about the whole thing. She just returned from a 3-week trip through Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic and Austria.Lynn emailed me a pic that an ex-boyfriend took of her body and gave me permission to include it in this post (at the end). As I mentioned in a recent e-mail to my mailing list members, I’ve begun using Duke as a method of increasing my blowjob endurance, so I can give blowjobs for a longer period of time if a guy is taking a little longer than normal to come.Today it makes me sad to report that I have zero canine sperm inside my vagina. As most of you should know, I strongly dislike giving Duke blowjobs because there’s no sexual gain for me and the positioning required to take a dog in the mouth is just too damn awkward. I’m going to just suck it up (heh) and deal with it the way most people deal with things that don’t give them an immediate pay off.

I hadn’t fucked dog’s since Thursday and wasn’t with any human person since Saturday.I wanted to shout at once but a couple of seconds later I took my camera and started filming everything I saw: my wife spreading her pussy lips for the dog and licking its weirdly shaped impressive cock; lustful animal climbing my wife and fucking her from behind; groans of pleasure and happy look on the face of the dirty pervert.Feel free to watch and share this disgraceful dog sex video – it is one of the dirtiest spectacles you can imagine, believe me! Wild dogs can be tamed, and one of the best ways to tame them would be to make them feel really good.I’m going to remember the long term benefit of being able to really pleasure a guy with my mouth.I decided to take the day off from school since the week after Spring Break is usually pretty damn chill and everything I’m missing I’ll still have a few days to turn in anyways.

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Of course that means letting them have hot, dirty sex.

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