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You sat quietly, uncomfortable, averting your eyes until it was resolved.Suddenly, I was having a rare verbal tussle with my daughter in front of company.Simone didn't want to stop what she was doing, and that's where the fun began.

I opened a Guinness and wandered around the house for a few hours, not really sure what to do next.

Stress balls have taken many very interesting forms in the past, but none are (arguably) as interesting as the incredibly phallic stress relief toys being sold on Amazon in a combo pack with stress balls shaped like bunnies and pandas. I Love her OGh BRq— Erin Byrd (@byrdie39) September 10, 2017At the very least, Twitter's reaction to the toys answers one of the several questions Koman asked during her investigation. " The answer, apparently, is because putting a little face on anything makes it instantly adorable.

writer Tess Koman launched a very important investigation into the toys that maybe created more questions than it did answers. And in case you're looking to buy a cute penis stress ball of your very own, we have some good news.

The way I saw it, there were two possible outcomes.

The first would be that, after awhile, I'd find a woman who'd relieve me of my fear of remarriage, or at least be so incredibly perfect that any fear I had would be surmountable in favor of the potential long-term effects.

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  1. Looking back, I’ve noticed that I’ve written about a dozen or more blogs to shed light on how many men approach dating and mating. Men fear being overwhelmed and taken over in an all-consuming relationship.