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Some of the fat gets shipped out as blood triglycerides while part of it remains in the liver, contributing to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (4, 5).At the same time, your liver becomes insulin resistant.But there are important ways to prepare, especially if your child is not going to be in your care.If your child will be away from home for an extended trip, it's a good idea to go to your doctor to get a check-up and be sure to ask for: If your child will be going away without you, always make sure an adult is around who knows how to help with daily management of diabetes (blood glucose checks, insulin shots, etc.), as well as when high or low blood glucose (blood sugar) levels occur.

Diabetes should not prevent your child from enjoying family vacations, slumber parties, or trips to see grandparents or other family members.

However, there are other lines of evidence linking sugar to the development of type II diabetes and this specifically involves how sugar affects the liver. Athletes or highly active individuals can eat quite a bit of fructose without problems, because their livers will turn the fructose into glycogen - a storage form of glucose in the liver.

However, when someone's liver is already full of glycogen (which is true of most people), the fructose will be turned into fat (3).

There are a few instances where minimizing fruit might be a good idea. It does NOT apply to moderate consumption of fruit.

After the initial shock of a diabetes diagnosis wears off, your family will begin adjusting to life with diabetes.

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