Dating someone with an ostomy

I know most teenagers don’t have a real understanding of that but for me, I also felt this huge need to experience all I could because I had missed out and was continuing to miss out on so much.I had the mentality of if the opportunity was in front of me, don’t walk away because who knows what could happen with my health.Friends can also really help lift you up and when you are feeling better about yourself, anxiety is a little lower, and experiences are generally more enjoyable.

I wasn’t ready to be so close in that way given all I had been through.

I am not sure if anyone reading this is a teenager who feels this way or can look back on their teenage years and remember feeling similarly but if you do (or did), I wanted to share how I always thought about these things when I was younger.

You are not alone and I also don’t want anyone to feel like they are less valuable, are not as attractive, need to settle, or do anything they don’t truly want to do because their ostomy makes them feel different. Most people don’t even know what that is in high school so try to remember that.

First off I want to say that I am not someone who is comfortable talking about my sex life.

I think it is fun to speak generally to girlfriends about certain things but I am someone who believes what goes on between two people in that respect, should stay that way.

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Either tell the guy/girl you are dating that you had to undergo a lifesaving operation which culminated in you needing an ostomy OR pretend it is something else and keep your shirt on or bring it down around your stomach.

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