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This represented quite a good response ratio, so our test was off to a promising start.From those women that we started chatting with online, we managed to set ourselves up on hot first dates with 35 of them.Some climb aboard the Passion train, and learn about the great results you can expect from this platform.We followed the same procedure with Passion that we did with all the adult dating websites that were on our list of reviews.In fact the two sites seem one and the same and even the logins are interchangeable.If you want a toned-down and less "in your face" hookup site go for Due to the nature of the site, Passion is for anyone seeking casual relationships or friends with benefits rather than a monogamous relationship.Like we said above, there were no evil chatbots that we encountered on the site. All that we found using the platform were beautiful, exotic women of all shapes and looks, and they were all ready to pounce on men in their area looking to hook up.

Through our time spent reviewing, we discovered that this website is totally transparent in the type of service that it offers, and that it fulfills all of its obligations designed for those looking for something a little more adventurous than your average dating site, but don't like the idea of adult hook-up sites.The site caters to singles, couples and those already in relationships.Best of all, we managed to seal the deal with 23 of the women we went on dates with.That’s right, 23 of those women were down with sex on the first date, and believe us when we tell you that they all had as good of a time as we had.

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