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For my generation of post-war baby-boomers the 'Cold War' between East and West was the latest threat to world peace, with both sides armed to the teeth with an arsenal of intercontinental missiles capable of annihilating mankind once and for all! Harking back to spotting days I was just eight years-old and Stuart was a teenager approaching adulthood and so our worlds were poles apart, however fast-forward to the present day and the difference in our ages means very little since we share one major common denominator - our mutual love of trains and railways...(Below) Stirring sight at Sandy as streamlined A4 Pacific No 60013 Dominion of New Zealand heads a southbound express at the start of the steady climb for twenty miles or so towards Knebworth and the last lap of the journey to the capital 1.FROM HUMBLE BEGINNINGS(Above) The story behind Stuart's collection of railway photographs begins at his local railway station at Hitchin, where he spent countless hours as a small boy train spotting at this once-busy junction on the East Coast Main Line just 32 miles out of London Kings Cross.(Left) Conjunction of the cross-country 'Varsity Line' and the East Coast route at Sandy.Stuart's generation grew up at a time when the crack Anglo-Scottish expresses thundered though the station behind the prestigious 'A' Class Pacifics; to witness the sight and sound of a Gresley Class A4 'Streak' at speed left an indelible impression on youngsters, a grand cavalcade of famous 'named' trains interspersed by a steady flow of goods traffic and local trains to Cambridge and Bedford and beyond.It is really unnerving when the brake is applied and nothing happens!This is because the brake pads are just rubbing on ice.comments made by Fred Wagstaff (aka 'Fireman Fred') on Page 77 (see left hand menu).

Failure to make the obligatory stop at station platforms was a regular occurrence in some of the heavily wooded areas.The eagle-eyed reader may spot something rather puzzling about the above photo!The location of the semaphore on the horizon appears to be in the 'off' position allowing the movement of single line traffic bound for Bedford?Both stations were later merged into one and shared an island platform.Following closure of the Oxford to Cambridge 'Varsity Line' in 1967, the station was considerably rebuilt into a This is another example of the difficulties encountered by the operating department in their struggle to find a suitable locomotive with a power classification relative to its train formation (either being too heavy or too light for the purpose).

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  1. With alpha-N-acetyl-Tyr-Val-alpha-hydroxyglycine as the substrate, PAL exhibits a p H optimum of 5.0; enzymatic activity is inhibited by high concentrations of salt but is relatively resistant to thiol reagents and urea.

  2. In the year 6367 (859): Varangians from over the sea imposed tribute upon the Chuds, the Slavs, the Merias, the Veses and Krivichs, but the Khazars imposed it upon the Polians, the Sieverians and Vyatichs.