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The government proposes laws, the budget and other general acts to the Sobranie and adopts decrees and other legal instruments.The right of citizens to local self-government is guaranteed by the Constitution. Local authorities decide on issues of local relevance, particularly in the fields of basic health care, child care, communal activities, culture, pre-school education, primary education, sport, social security, urban planning.The government is composed of the Prime Minister and ministers.The government is elected by the Sobranie upon the proposal of the mandator.The Sobranie holds the legislative power and is the representative body of the citizens.The powers and the organisation of the Sobranie are regulated by the constitution and by the rules of procedure of the Sobranie.

The State powers are divided into legislative, executive and judicial power.The Sobranie adopts legal acts, such as the Constitution, laws and the national budget. This right is also given to the government and to groups of at least 10, 000 voters.The Sobranie may take decisions if a session is attended by at least half of the deputies. Its Stabilisation and Association Agreement is in force since 2004, the first in the region.It applied for EU membership in March 2004 and the Council decided in December 2005 to grant the country candidate status, based on the Commission’s favourable opinion.

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The Sobranie supervises the government and other public office- holders responsible to the Sobranie.

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