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She wears pantyhose for me rather frequently because she knows that i really like them. Although they know it’s bad for them, the anticipation of the high is so compelling (and the high feels so good), they can’t stop themselves. You already know that you can’t handle this on your own.

Isn’t it time you took that next step in realizing your pantyhose or foot fetish fantasies?i would just want it more and I am in a long term relationship with a woman that i love .I have told her about my fetish and how i masturbate with her pantyhose and she said that she did not have a problem with it.Just imagine, in a matter of minutes, you could be chatting with someone about how much you love a great set of legs in pantyhose.You could be telling someone how much you love the feel of pantyhose against your skin or you could be viewing other members in their pantyhose via webcam. If you have a pantyhose or foot fetish, then we are the place for you to be!

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