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A Kashmiri demonstrator holds a placard during a protest calling for justice following the recent rape and murder case of an eight-year-old girl by several men in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir, in Srinagar on April 16, 2018.

BEIJING/NEW DELHI (WASHINGTON POST) - Nothing like this has happened in human history.

In Dongguan, where the gender ratio is 118 men to 100 women, Li says he has virtually given up hope of finding a girlfriend.

He spends his spare time playing games on his phone, or accompanying his co-workers to karaoke or for a foot massage."It is just me," he said. Her neighbours in the village were overjoyed for her each time a new baby arrived.

"Life is boring and lonely." When Om Pati, a farmer's wife in the Indian village of Bass, in the state of Haryana, was having children, she actually prayed a sweet-eyed girl bundle would arrive. They rang steel plates so everyone in the neighbourhood would know a boy had been born.

After all, this is a culture where male children are desired above all else - to light the Hindu funeral pyre, inherit property, care for aging parents.

Taking a stand over harassment: Public safety With the increase in men has come a surge in sexual crime in India and concerns about a rise in other crimes in both countries.The desperate effort to land a bride: Housing prices and savings rates Bachelors are furiously building houses in China to attract wives, and prices are soaring.But otherwise they are not spending, and that in turn fuels China's huge trade surplus.The few young women in the village had all married - that is, those who hadn't left for better opportunities elsewhere.These days, Om Pati, now 60, spends her days cooking and cleaning for her husband and adult sons, who range from age 22 to 38.

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