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I've seen Palomino bows like that wood - I can tell you that the Lord Mercury bows, upper line Sovereign bows etc all had incredible woods in the risers.

That bow you have is ultra cool IMO because its old, and clean -but its likely not a highly collectible bow. String it and shoot it - as LBR about string choices, he'll get you set up right.

Anyway, it's great to be here so fire away if you have any Martin/Howatt related questions and I'll do my best to answer them.

Howattman Freddy, If it has a thin accent stripe down the center of the riser, it's a 1987; If not, it's a '77.

is HHA8078 AMO is 62" Weight is 38#@28" It's the Hunter model It's a beautiful thing..don't think it was ever shot!

Crookedcreek - Just guessing without seeing it, but I would say your Hunter is probably an '88 model.

Howattman If you are still passing through this forum on occasion, maybe you could help me date my Damon Howatt?If it's marked Damon Howatt (with the DH logo), it's not a 1998 (they began marking them with the Martin name by that time).All I'm looking for is a piece of Ovangal overlay scrap the length of the sight window and am willing to pay for it.I recently bought a Damon Howatt Bandito, 58" AMO, 42lb at 28", Sr#TP1614, at an auction.Many of the slight rub marks came off the bow and it now looks almost new.

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As for the difference between a 55# and 65# bow, it would take some work on your part to work up to a 65# bow, particularly if 55# is what you are used to.

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