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As a matter of fact, they're probably better at that kind of aggressive behavior because they don't navigate the world via emotion and it's just a means to an end for them.

Again, I'm not making those actions right, but I suspect you may agree that it's understandable — and most of all — predictable when you step back and look at it from this perspective.

We all know women who can’t seem to get excited about anyone but a jerk. The reason nice women love status boils down to an innate desire: In study after study, it’s associated with a man’s ability to provide and protect. They aren’t better employees, but they have no hesitations about putting themselves or their interests forward. When you look for quotes about boys being jerks, they likely revolve around some sort of disappointment or hurt thanks to sex.

Just as the toughest jock would have made a great protector in the ancient past—where all human mating psychology comes from—women today are drawn to whoever gets them and their kids/genes to survive. There’s an industry directed at teaching men to be rude—to alternately fake long-term interest, feign indifference, and/or pretend they’ve got more money (or degrees, cars, houses) than they really do.

And maybe an answer you can’t formulate on why jerks get women. In high school, status comes from having the quickest wit or the most athletic prowess, or both. This is why jerks get women: The funniest guy in high school is typically hilarious at others’ expense.

These Google searches are plenty – as are ‘quotes about boys being jerks’ – when your best gal friend is going through yet another break up. Here’s a look into why jerks get women – but why you should still be a kind person, anyway: Think back to your high school days. And jocks are not always known for throwing their weight around in the kindest possible ways. Across a series of studies, the ‘jerk perk’ is worth about k a year on average, or 18 percent more than more agreeable male peers.

I was really glad she asked her question for two reasons: One, because the same problem affects so many smart, accomplished women, and two, because I can explain what this phenomenon is all about.

For starters, this very bright woman, and those like her, are operating under a huge, false assumption that sabotages their romantic prospects.

Perhaps the best real-life example of this scenario is actress Sandra Bullock and her ex-husband, motorcycle bad boy Jesse James, who publicly split after his serial infidelity was revealed in 2010another because they are strong enough to "take" her, these men are also the cheaters, verbal/emotional abusers, or worse.If they were being honest, they'd have to admit that there are times when they are absolutely free, flowing, and feminine, but those are traits that women like this fear most.So, while I'm sure that their identity as a "very their relationships with men.Your beliefs, habits, and behaviors have a huge influence on the response you're getting in your relationships, and results don't lie.This whole idea of a woman looking for an "alpha male" to drop her back into feminine may be the worst idea ever made by so many incredibly "otherwise" intelligent and very desirable women. Because it pre-supposes you need someone else to drop you back into femininity when the truth is once you address those old, outdated, and ineffective assumptions that aren't working, reconnecting with your femininity is as easy as simply "going home." Plus, if you think you can somehow magically change an alpha when he's been so rewarded for his behavior everywhere else, there may be some deluded thinking you may want to examine.

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But jerks often lack what it takes to sustain that.

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