Dating a aries

This is a pair that turns heads, and they'll enjoy the buzz they create.When dating, Aries likes the chase, and Leo won't mind being pursued, especially if it means being treated like royalty.A key is continuing to grow, and cheering each other on, through the highs and lows.Upside: party people; high physical energies; confidence; bright minds; go big or go home types; showmanship as a couple; affectionate; loyal; big-hearted; playful; thrive on creative risk; fully engaged; childlike enthusiasm; generous; passion to burn.

Aries shows up under the window for a midnight serenade.

Trouble ensues if Aries says or does things that convey disrespect, which can be a deal breaker for Leo.

But the charming Ram knows how to get back inside the circle of trust for another round.

Downside: burn-out; scorching arguments; demanding; overtooting own horn; childish; unforgiving; quick to reject first; pride; jealousy.

Belonging to the first Zodiac, the element of fire, and represented by a red Ram, the Arians are passionate pioneers, assertive leaders, and possess truckloads of energy.

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But if caught in the wrong moment, a playful exchange drives the other to extremes of jealousy.

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