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So I couldn't knock the arrow until she actually walks out of the picture.' The video was filmed in September 2011 but only recently emerged on the Internet. Their powerful hind legs allow them to jump up to 30 feet horizontally from stand-still and reach speeds of up to 50mph.

Cougars, also known as mountain lions, are the fourth-largest cat species. Despite its fearsome size, the cougar is not typically classed as a 'big cat' as it is unable to roar.

Cougars are found across the western United States and Canada, although they shy and rarely seen by humans in the wild.

At least 20 people in North America were killed by cougars between 18, although the animals are usually afraid of humans.

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The hunter, who was not named in the online video, said: 'When she walked up to me, she would have been three to four feet.

I could have literally reached up and touched her forehead.'I thought that if I could get my friend to show up we might be able to chase the cat away, and I would not have to shoot it with my bow.'I could have shot right away but once she moved I had knocked the arrow off the rest and was trying to set it back up pulled it off the string.

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